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  • Individual tax rates in Canada are on a sliding scale where the middle and top-level personal tax rates are substantially higher than what you would pay under Incorporated business structures. We can review your tax situation and advise on the savings that would occur for your particular operation.


  • Family partnerships are another way to spread the income between spouses and children without having to incorporate. Every situation is different and we can advise on the best structure for your enterprise.

Joint Venture Farm Agreements

  • A Joint Venture can be set up with neighbours or different family members to pool resources. Examples of this are: finances, equipment, labour, insurance, crop returns, preferred loan rates, futures markets. This allows you to maximize the returns, minimize the insurance costs, and get the best benefits from having more flexibility. This pooling of resources allows for:
    • the ability to quickly get a crop off before a change in weather
    • ability to plant or harvest another crop

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